How can you be yourself if you don’t know who that is ?

In this thoughtful yet searing coming-of-age novel, Lee Bantle offers a raw, honest, and incredibly compelling account of a teenager who learns to accept himself for who he is.

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Lee Bantle

I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn in a sunny apartment where I do my writing. I set David Inside Out in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I grew up and went to college. In addition to being a writer, I am a lawyer who represents employees in race, gender, disability and sexual orientation discrimination lawsuits. My law firm, Bantle & Levy LLP, is located in Greenwich Village.

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“Rudolphs was packed like always on Saturdays. The buzz ricocheted off pink plaster walls as I squeezed through the rowdy crowd swigging beer in the entry. Eddie was sitting alone in back. "Kick's not here yet?" I asked, sliding my lanky frame into the fake-leather booth.”

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"Bantle describes the teen's emotional roller coaster in such an open and honest manner that readers will feel everything from his anguish to his elation. While this book will have wide appeal due to its universal themes of first love and the search for one's identity, it will be especially intriguing to readers who are struggling with their own sexuality. They will be able to understand and relate to David and his quest for self-discovery"
―School Library Journal.

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