Diving For The Moon

Lee F. Bantle's memories

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An extraordinary friendship, an unforgettable summer.

For Carolina Birdsong, summer has always been a time for swimming, camping, and fishing with her best friend, Josh. But sixth grade has barely ended when Bird receives some shocking news - as a result of receiving tainted blood, Josh is HIV-positive.

Bird is worried Josh may get sick or their friendship may be affected, and she watches closely for any sign of change. But Josh seems the same - active, fun, and full of practical jokes. As summer slips by and she and Josh enjoy underwater swimming contests and moonlit boat rides, Bird's fears subside. But, as Bird soon learns, somme changes happen on the inside...


The setting for Diving for the Moon is based on Lee F. Bantle's memories of waking each morning on a northern Minnesota lake where he could swim, fish, or just sit on the dock and let his feet dangle in the water.


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